In Memory

Charles Charrier

Charrier, charles Leon"Charley

5/13/1944 5/24/2010 There will, at Charley's request. be no services. Born and raised in Mpls. Dad Leon Charrier died when Chuck was 11 yrs old, but the son had already been taught honesty, integrity and great Christian values. Chuck would consciously emulate the best qualities he recognized in carefully selected role models and in doing so became an uncommonly fine man. He married Cathy Obermeyer and had 4 children, Andrew twin boys who died at premature birth, and Andrea. The family worked hard building a chain of gas/service stations only to have the oil embargo of the 70's put them out of business. Eventually Chuck got an opportunity to work for UPS WHAT A DEAL! Weekly pay checks & great benefits. He still worked long and hard but now he got paid OT, and  they incentivized retirement planning. "Charley Brown" made going to work fun he emptied the lunch room the day he put his lutefisk TV dinner (no kidding, he found it at Lunds) in the microwave. He made amends by taking lots and lots of his homemade Pizzas to his coworkers. In 1988 a re-singled Charley responded to a1 personal ad by a lady looking for a "Spiritually strong Christian with a quick wit and a sense of humor." God smiled and after a six week courtship Charley married Mary Potts Heldt and her children Diane and David. We decided it's never to late to have a have a happy childhood, and we were on a roll. Charley captained the "Serendipity" and the "Dipity Too!" on the Mississippi; did the entire length of the Minnesota in Tommy's tin boat: drifted over the St Croix in a hot air balloon; flew with uncle Dick in his T-5 to an air show; enjoyed many ocean cruises; road trips in the USA and Canada; did a jungle trek in Be|ize with cousin Tom (Michael speculates that Grandpa's cancer bug came from eating termites-ala-tree nest in the jungle); Boundered (Rv'd) the west coast; created a garden paradise in the back yard from whence he dreamed of many adventures; the north Dakota harvest experience became his passion; but most of all and best of all he was and always will be the best husband, Dad, Grandpa, and friend, ever. Charley was predeceased by his dad Leon, his sister Lorraine and twin sons. He is survived by his mom, Elsie Beckman Charrier Russell Spillman, wife Mary: kids Andy Charrier and Susan Clark, Diane and Steve Schmidt, Dave and Gina Heldt: in-laws, Sally Loftus. Pat Burgum, Bill and Terri Potts Fran and Harvey Trapp, Lara Sundahl, Nancy Cote, Martain and Julie Potts, The Charrier, Beckman, Peterson,Potts and Skovgarrd extended families: and many dear and precious friends Don’t expect closure – Charley will be looking over your shoulder when you least expect it – humor him.

                                                   GOODSPEED BELOVED CHARLEY